Wiredtree Managed Hybrid Servers

If you are considering switching servers or this is your first time purchasing, there are few companies with better options than Wiredtree’s Fully Managed Hybrid Servers.

Wiredtree offers Hybrid Server Hosting, with plenty of support with the “Fully Managed” option. Support includes 24/7 Phone and Help Desk services, constant security monitoring and a professional staff to help you transition to your new servers. All Hybrid Servers use CentOS Linux 6, with full root access, cPanel/WHM, and the ability to access Gro2622_65346142261_2514518_nve.

For just $99 per month you can receive larger dedicated memory and disk space, faster I/O performance and guaranteed CPU cores. Additionally, Wiredtree does not oversell to make sure their resources are not overused, this keeps everyone’s server response quick. On Certain promotions you can even get a 50% discount for your first few months as a customer. It is recommended to use one of wiredtree coupon codes.
The server’s themselves are very high quality. All of them are hand-built to the highest specifications, with two options for Hybrid server customers, the Pure SSD, or SSD-Accelerated Hybrid servers.

With Wiredtree’s management package the security is more than adequate. You receive firewall, spam prevention, security patches and updates, hardware management and netwowiredtree-hardwaresphere-new-homerk management. Any updates you could desire are available for those customers with particular specifications. More RAM, accelerated disk space, upgraded bandwidth and much more can be added to your plan to enhance your server to reach the highest potential. In addition to the customer ordered upgrades, Wiredtree offers free automatic upgrades as they improve their plan specifications. So when disk space, memory or bandwidth is added, all the existing clients are “Leveled Up” for free.

One of the best features included with Wiredtree’s Fully Managed Hybrid Servers is the transition support included in your plan. Without any additional charges you can receive migrations from certain control panels. If your control panel is not on the list, the friendly staff at Wiredtree can check if you are still eligible.

As your need for server space grow, Wiredtree provides scalable options. The transition within Wiredtree’s products for VPS and Hybrid server space are made easy, so as your requirements and specifications change, their staff is there to help. Overall, server space is available from many companies, but Wiredtree offers dynamic and secure plans with an unbeatable staff.