How to live good life without mistakes

appetite-1238252_1280Avoid deep and meaningful connections (such as marriage, close friends, and to stay with the family in contact-Vitamin store madison wi). Ultimately, the human is to connect with other people. The connection is what value and our lives give meaning. We are bound to it and research shows just that. For example, people have proven with strong social ties to be healthier and have a lower risk of death. Moreover, it was found that increasing age, people tend to stronger social ties to live longer. And it seems that friendships even help fight cancer.

The benefits of deep relationships and enhance the marriage. As a long-term relationship reduces the risk of depression, suicide, and substance abuse snd a study of nearly 6,000 people found that marriage leads to an increased service life, while never the married predictor of premature death.

Finally, several studies (here, here and here) show that strong family ties are one of the main reasons why the people of Okinawa, Japan have incredible longevity in spite of being one of the poorest provinces the country.

What do all these studies tell us?

Connected ness and belonging are important for a healthy and happy life. As friendship, marriage or family – people need a close relationship to be healthy.

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For more information about the relationship between loneliness and health, I recommend you to read the mind Medicine Popular Miami Times,appetite-1239265_640 which was written by Dr. Lissa Rankin.

Sitting all day-

You may want to keep them. The Internet has become crazy about this info graphic that the negative impact of the meeting describes the whole day.

The short version is that “free position changes” as in front of a TV screen sits the risk of cardiovascular disease and death increases, regardless of their physical activity. Obviously sitting at a desk job is not as good. These disturbing data does not come from the small size of the sample. These trends were valid in a study of 4,500 people, with 8,800 other people, and the last, with more than 240,000 participants. If you are interested in details about the health risks of the session, this article in the New York Times covers search some of the basics.

Never alone stop to breathe-

There are a couple of years ago; I was talking with a yoga teacher who told me: I think that people like my class because it is the only time of day when just sit and breathe.

This provides some interesting food for thought. From the moment until the time you go to bed to wake up, you already took 15 minutes tappetite-1238256_640o rest and breathe? I’m rarely. And that’s a shame because the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are enormous. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety. Meditation improves their quality of life and boosts your immune system. Meditation has shown to reduce anger and improve sleep, even among the prisoners.

Religion – or any other part of a community to be-

It is increasingly found an interesting organization and in medical research that the health effects of religion as well as spirituality. Science does not mean that there is nothing fundamentally healthy about religion, but all the products that come from the practice of religion, which can make a big difference.